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Tiny House Lena XL
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The LENA XL house includes a modern space with a spacious interior.

The “LENA XL” tiny house is a unique model that is characterized by spaciousness and a very practical interior.

Tiny House Lena XL



  • Steel frame
  • 2 trailer manufacturers – VLEMMIX VTA
  • Length 11m
  • Height: 4.5m
  • Width: 3m

The offer includes the following external finishing:

  • Building a tiny house from certified wood (check all mobile home materials here), external walls made of thermopine without knots, which gives a darkening effect
  • The structure of the tiny house is extended by a meter at the front and back of the trailer
  • Trapezoidal facade sheet “BLACHOTRAPEZ” aluminum
    Gutter installed in place

Internal execution:

  • Rock wool insulation
  • Trapezoidal sheet elevation “BLACHOTRAPEZ”
  • Interior paneling made of Siberian spruce
  • Real oak on the floor, panels
  • Heating system: Underfloor heating with the TERMOFOL SMART system
  • Dual function air conditioning
  • Sockets,
  • Heated connections
  • Phone charger in every outlet
  • Plastic windows with double glazing, ANTHRACITE outside / white windows inside
  • Water tank – ARISTON 50 liters
  • Gutter installed on site


  • Large panoramic window
  • Electrical installation 220, lamps
  • 4 sleeping places on a rise at the entrance to the terrace with a view
  • Tinted glass balustrades
  • Possibility to connect the installation: water and sewage.
  • Revolving staircase to the top, exit to the mezzanine
  • Washing machine connection
  • There is a place under the stairs, e.g. for the washing machine
  • Small fireplace mounted on the wall
  • The walls in the living room are partly made of oak
  • Extendable table with a length of 1.5 m


  • Fully equipped kitchen,
  • Kitchen furniture, cabinets are included in the price
  • Fridge – SAMSUNG
  • Kitchen furniture/worktop in the kitchen made of real oak
  • Induction hob (2 KW) or electric plate.
  • Oven- BEKO
  • sink
  • Sockets


  • Shower
  • Hanging toilet
  • Washbasin with bathroom mirror
  • Various closets
  • Bathroom FIBO board combined with oak
  • Vinyl records on the floor

The “Lena XL” tiny home is an ideal solution for those who want to live comfortably without sacrificing mobility. Discover all the advantages of this compact space that will meet even the most demanding expectations.

Solid Construction: Built on a solid steel frame and using two trailers from the renowned manufacturer VLEMMIX VTA, our mobile home offers not only stability, but also mobility. The length of 11 m, the height of 4.5 m and the width of 3 m provide adequate space for your comfort.

Unique Finish: Made of certified wood, our mobile home is distinguished by aesthetic external walls made of thermosonine without knots, which gives it a unique darkening effect. Additionally, the trapezoidal aluminum facade sheet “BLACHOTRAPEZ” and the gutter installed on site guarantee durability and elegance.

Comfortable Interior: The interior of our mobile home is an oasis of peace and relaxation. Mineral wool insulation, Siberian spruce interior panels and real oak flooring create a cozy atmosphere you’ll love. Additionally, the TERMOFOL SMART underfloor heating system and dual-function air conditioning ensure optimal temperature all year round.

Smart Solutions: Thanks to the number of electrical sockets, a phone charger in each socket and plastic windows with double glazing, life in our mobile home becomes easier and more comfortable. The ARISTON 50 liter water tank with the SMART function and the possibility of connecting a water and sewage system are just some of the solutions that provide you with full independence.

High-Level Functionality: With four sleeping places on a raised platform, revolving stairs to the top, the possibility of connecting a washing machine and a large panoramic window, our mobile home will meet all your expectations. A fully equipped kitchen, an elegant bathroom and a living room made partly of oak are just some of the amenities that await you in our mobile home.


Forget about compromises – our mobile home is the perfect place for people who value comfort, luxury and high quality of life. Discover the new dimension of a miniature apartment today!