Germany 2022 Lukas II

Tiny House "Lukas II"

Our new LUKAS house is a house that adapts to your needs, you do not have to adapt it. It is a house where you can live comfortably, but with smaller dimensions. You have access to water and electricity, optimal size, mobility, design and high-quality ecological materials.

Name: Lukas II
Location: Germany
Type: Tiny Haus
Production Year: 2022
  • Steel frame
  • Manufacturer of 2-axle trailers - VLEMMIX VTA
  • Year of production: 2022
  • Length 7.80 m, height: 3.99 m
Internal execution:
  • Exterior wood - thermal pine
  • PIR insulation - Lambda 0.022 - 8 cm thick
  • Elevation made of trapezoidal sheet "BLACHOTRAPEZ"
  • Outdoor lighting with a motion sensor
  • Gutter installed on site
  • Mezzanine with a sleeping area
  • Folding stairs
  • Stairs and cabinets
  • Pine wood interior panels
  • Ash boards on the floor,
  • Heating system: Underfloor heating with the TERMOFOL SMART system
  • Double function - SMART air conditioning
  • WLAN router
  • A separate room that can be used as an office
  • On both sides of the floor, there is a sleeping place for 4 people
  • 32-inch TV with Internet access
  • Phone charger at each socket
  • Plastic windows with double glazing, ANTHRACITE outside / white windows inside
  • Water tank - ARISTON 50 liters with SMART function
  • Louvers
  • Electrical installation 220, lamps
  • Possibility to connect the installation: water and sewage.
  • White furniture fitted in the kitchen
  • Fridge - SAMSUNG
  • Induction hob
  • Oven - BEKO
  • Sink
  • Sockets hidden in the kitchen counter
  • Extendable table, hidden in the Cargo, so that it does not take up space in everyday use.
  • Shower
  • Traditional toilet
  • Washbasin with bathroom mirror
  • Vinyl records on the floor
  • Bathroom door, tinted glass, large mirror on the inside.
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