Germany 2022 Julia II

Tiny House "JULIA" No matter how big the house is, but how happy the house is.

The house has been designed to provide an optimally large space. Additionally, we installed a window to illuminate the entire room. This is one of the warmer and cozy styles in this arrangement.

Name: Julia
Location: Germany
Type: Tiny Haus
Production Year: 2022
  • Steel frame
  • Manufacturer of 3-axle trailers - VLEMMIX VTA
  • Year of production: 2022
  • Length: 7.20 m, Height: 3.55 m
Internal finish:
  • Wood outside - thermal pine
  • PIR insulation - Lambda 0.022 - 8 cm thick
  • Trapezoidal sheet elevation "BLACHOTRAPEZ"
  • Outdoor lighting with a motion sensor
  • Roof gutter installed at the customer's site
  • Internal paneling made of Siberian spruce wood
  • Real oak on the floor, panels
  • Heating system: underfloor heating with the SMART system by TERMOFOL
  • Double function - SMART air conditioning
  • WiFi router sockets
  • 32-inch TV with Internet access
  • Phone charger in each socket
  • Plastic windows with double glazing, ANTHRACITE outside / white windows inside
  • Round window
  • Water tank - ARISTON 50 liters with SMART function
  • Blinds in pleated glass, rear window type "Venetian mirror"
  • Electrical installation 220, lamps, light switches (infrared)
  • Possibility to connect the installation: water and sewage.

Fully equipped kitchen, furniture included

  • Kitchen furniture, cabinets
  • Refrigerator - SAMSUNG
  • Induction hob,
  • Oven - BEKO
  • Kitchen sink
  • Electric sockets
  • Washing machine
  • Using the space under the stairs, we installed cabinets
  • Shower
  • Normal toilet
  • Washbasin with bathroom mirror
  • Various cabinets
  • Walls made of FIBO panels with concrete imitation
  • Vinyl panels on the floor
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